Morning Chamomile

Morning Chamomile

Monki flower skirt
$41 –

10 Bells yellow gold jewelry
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$445 –

Happy Jackson tea mug
$13 –

It Was All a Dream…

It Was All a Dream...

Sleeveless top
$110 –

River Island black skinny jeans
$62 –

Urban Junk black bag
$39 –

River Island gold tone hoop earrings
$7.75 –

Ralph Lauren hat

Memo From the HR Office: Social Networking and Your Job

Hard to believe, but I’ve been in the human resources field for nearly six years! Something I’ve noticed over those six years is this fear of social networking. Just about everyone does it but so many people are afraid to get caught doing it. They’re afraid of the consequences of someone other than who they’ve designated seeing their online activities. This is especially true when it comes to the workplace. People don’t want their bosses to see their page, or that extra nosy coworker in the next cubicle. And they DEFINITELY don’t want someone like me googling them after they’ve applied for a new job. I’ve been asked numerous time to look at someone’s Facebook and let them know if it’s suitable, if there’s something on there that may get them in hot water, etc. So…let’s finally address that. 

Tough love: if you are old enough to be gainfully employed, you’re old enough to know better. Period. 

Facebook is not the devil. Neither is Twitter or Instagram. Your online persona and experiences are what YOU make of them. There is no gun aimed at the back of your head telling you what to post and upload. 

YOU are largely in control of how YOU are perceived online and if that perception leaks into your offline life and affects you negatively, YOU have to take accountability for that.

Contrary to popular belief, your HR department is not filled with robots, and we are aware that you aren’t a robot as well. You have a life, friends, family, fun. I do too. I don’t walk on eggshells when I social network because it’s really not that hard to not be inflammatory. So you went to happy hour and had margaritas. You stayed out past 1am. You gave someone you just met your number. You even said a big bad curse word, ooooh! Yeah, I don’t care. When I can google you and find pics of you half naked or over the moon drunk, then I care. When I can find video of you getting high, I care. When you post racist, sexist, or otherwise prejudiced comments, I care. Those actions not only reflect on your character, but they can potentially tarnish the reputation of your current/potential employer. Employers simply can’t have that. That kind of behavior, despite taking place on your personal page, IS often grounds for termination. If your job gave you a handbook, it’s likely in there. Go look for yourself. I’ll wait. 

Good news for those who have ever asked me to look at their page: you’re more than likely good to go. The people who tend to think about these things are often those who already know better but just wanted to be sure. 

That lightbulb never turns on for the worst offenders. 


The Scattered Thoughts of a Future Fitness Buff

“I’m working out because I take healthy, clean living seriously…”

“Actually, I’m working out because I plan to spend next summer in a bikini and my 30th birthday in a dress so tight that it may cut off blood flow to my brain…but I still take healthy, clean living seriously…”


“Spinach isn’t gross like I thought it would be…”

“Lettuce is exactly as gross as I thought it would be…”


“Thank goodness for Pinterest, I’ve found SO many healthy recipes to try in my own kitchen…”

“I just want pizza…”

“VEGGIE pizza…it’s still okay!”


(Pre-workout) “My joints can’t move like that unless something’s broken.”

(Post-workout) “That wasn’t so bad. I feel pretty good!”

(Morning after workout) “God help me, everything below my chin hurts.”


“Best thing I ever did for myself was to stop drinking my calories and choose water instead.”

“How many calories are in this latte?”

“How many calories are in this glass of riesling?”

“How many calories are in this Guinness?”


“Yay, my skinny jeans fit!”

“Crap, my skinny jeans are too big!”


“I look so freakin’ hot in this dress…”

(sees size 2 girl in the same dress) *heavy sigh*


“It may not be a six pack…but at least it’s not a keg anymore!”


Getting fit can be a rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions, but it is SO worth the ride!